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23 Mobile Things Final Spotlight Ė Thing 23 Evaluation

Itís the last 23 Mobile Things spotlight, and we hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them as much as we have. Remember the end date to complete all 23 Mobile Things is June 15th, so keep blogging about those Things and make sure to collect those badges! Badges: If you havenít already, donít forget to let […] [...]

From the Director

For all practical purposes, this fiscal year is coming to an end, and I must admit, our CMLE staff is limping to the finish line on fumes! Having said that, due to popular demand, our 23 Mobile Things Program will plug along until June 15, 2014, although our blogging activities will end for the summer […] [...]

Final Mindful Moment: Be Compassionate

CMLE staff have now guided you through twelve tools that will hopefully produce a more mindful state of being in your life. What? You have had no time to pay attention to the series? No worries, go to the bottom of this post during the lazier days of summer, and work your way through the […] [...]

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